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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Friends, get happiness and energy from your hobbies ..!

Dear friends,
I am sending my view to you in the form of this letter. In today's age of technology, the existence of the letter has come to an end. But, I have chosen this medium especially to reach out to you, because the love, affection and affection you find in the letter may not be found in this new technology and yes you all are very important to me so I am doing this.

        We all have many hobbies, many different things. Some even specialize in their art before marriage. We all cling to our parents and cultivate many of our things on a regular basis. However, after marriage, the picture would have changed completely. Among the responsibilities of the family, only women come forward to give up their own things. They are completely immersed in the upbringing of the children, even before they know when their own choices have taken a secondary place. I don't mean to imply that family members force us to do all this. Often those decisions are our own. Then we unknowingly get caught in this maze. Then you say, isn't family important ? Of course, family is important. But isn't it just as important to make time for yourself ? So what to do such a question arises. You have an option for this question, that is, take five minutes a day for yourself and quietly ask yourself what's different about me, who am I ? So start responding immediately to the answer that comes out of your heart more effectively and yes, whatever you choose to do, don't weigh yourself in a negative way, keep moving forward in a positive way. It can be anything you choose. For example, drawing, decorating, dancing, making others laugh by creating a different way of speaking, even drawing rangoli etc.

        Now, you say what a big deal. This is what anyone does. So friends, even if these things seem small on the surface, these things are very important in your life, find them, start working on them and remember that you don't want to show it to others, you just want to do it for yourself. The reason behind this is that you may be very busy, agile and beautiful till the age of 40, but then you start to lose attention naturally and then the children grow up and they don't feel the need for you much. In its spare time, negativity begins to infiltrate the mind and lead to mental illness.The true joy of life is slowly disappearing and irritability begins to build up about oneself. Save yourself, in time, before you get caught up in all this maze. Even though today apparently everyone is taking care of you, there is no doubt that tomorrow the picture is going to change. So start finding happiness on your own rather than expecting someone else to come and make you happy. Give a little time to your little things every day and keep a beautiful memories, so that today and in the future you will never feel like who I am ? what is my existence? Then these memories will respond to you and play with you with joy. 

        Pursuing your hobbies increases the energy of the mind and builds confidence in every task. It blooms in your eyes and face, no matter how old you are. Instead of being under the illusion that a sun will rise for me and then I will do something for myself, keep doing it in your own name. It is the right of every woman to get happiness and energy from her artistic talents and skills. 
          Thank you !

Whatever your hobby, it will give you happiness and energy ..!

With Regards,
(Rani Amol More)


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