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Sunday, July 26, 2020

IAS officers Planner of Progress

We want to reiterate here the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer. An IAS officer is the one who keeps the administration connected with the Politician (Ministers). They have to work together under the guidance of the ministers. Most of the IAS officers do good work during their tenure. But here we want to talk about those officers, who have fearlessly placed their department at a different height with the best change in their leadership. Yes, the country needs such officers. Many times this officers works closely with all his dedication and wants to do it continuously. But it is heard that a system called Political Pressure keeps on obstructing them by repeatedly harassing them. Even though the officers may be good, fearless and far-sighted, this system called state pressure weighs heavily on them. IAS officers are posted on any department for three years and they have to work with full morality in the interest of their department in that period. If the public leader educated and intelligent, it is easy to work and the interest of the department is also taken into consideration along with the public interest. Many times these politicians launches their over-funded schemes to become a hero in the public and it damage the economic progress of the department. If the Politician is a transactionist, then he joins with big industrialists and unfortunately he try to sell the department as if. Due to these thoughts, most of the government departments are running at a loss and are taking initiative towards privatization. A good IAS officer can save the department from damage and drowning by explaining the ministers well, if the ministers are a little noble and understandable.

        Now we will talk about the officers filled by the state service commissions working inside the administration. For example, take any one center level department, such as railway, air aviation or petroleum etc. An IAS officer is the highest head of the department and it is easier to work inside the department when other gazetted and un-gazetted officers working inside the department work with full devotion and dedication and earnestness towards their department and public interest. But it is often found that some lazy, doodle and transactional officers become a headache. The precious time of IAS officers is wasted in the process of fixing them and the work get hampered its result becomes a big downfall and backwardness of the department. 

        These two major obstacles become the cause of trouble for most of the IAS officers. If we want that some good IAS officers get to the country and work in the national interest, then the administration will have to brainstorm on this subject at the community level. Due to which the interference of the politicians in the administration related work can be reduced slightly to ensure the progress of the department and the privatization can be hindered. At the same time, we will have to ensure their responsibility in a new way by raising their positive morale by thinking seriously about their contribution by other officers and employees filled by the State Services. After all, no person can do any government and non-government work on his own without a good and uniform group is the cause of progress or downgrade of any department. That is why, only IAS officers who create strong and determined administrative group are really called a planner of progress.

- Rani Amol More


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